Safe and Permanent Birth Control Procedure for Men

Vero Urology Center incorporates only the most advanced techniques in non-invasive vasectomy surgery. This simple outpatient procedure takes only about a half hour to complete and is performed in the doctor’s office. The modern method offers the highest level of success with the lowest risk of complications and little to no change in sexual function.

Patients are able to leave the office immediately after the procedure. Typically, men can return to work after a few days and resume normal activities within a week. However, after a Vasectomy, standard birth control methods are recommended until the the doctor can perform two negative semen analysis to verify live sperm is no longer present.

Many couples choose vasectomy as a reliable form of permanent birth control as the procedure is typically less invasive than tubal ligation in females. Dr. Atwell consults with each couple considering the procedure on an individual basis to review the risks, necessary steps, and long term effects of a vasectomy.

For more information and counseling on Vasectomy, call our office to schedule a consultation.