OAB Botox® Injections

Injection therapy for the treatment of OAB symptoms including leakage, sudden need to go, and going too often.

Overactive bladder caused by affected or damaged nerves, stimulates the bladder to spasm creating a sudden or strong need to urinate. Botox® is a treatment option for adults who have experienced lack of results or strong side effects in traditional pharmaceutical symptom management.

With overactive bladder, the muscles that control urination contract uncontrollably, causing a frequent urge to urinate. Botox® targets the bladder muscle directly, relaxing the nerves that trigger overactive bladder symptoms.

In clinical trials, overactive bladder patients treated with Botox® reported a significant reduction in the number of daily leakage episodes.

If other methods of treating OAB have failed or you cannot tolerate the side effects of medication, call us for a consultation to discover your options with Botox®.