Low T Treatment

Vero Urology has several treatment options available to increase low testosterone levels in men of all ages.

Low T affects approximately one in ten men between the ages of 40-60 and two in ten over 60. Low Testosterone levels in men may not only reduce sex drive and energy, but it can also be dangerous, leading to depression in some cases. Millions of men experience low T levels and may not realize there are safe and effective urological treatment options available.

Through a comprehensive blood test, Vero Urology Center evaluates hormone levels active in the body during a specific timeframe. This specialized test can accurately indicate the course of action for the doctor.

Testosterone Therapy Treatments, or TRT, restore testosterone levels back to normal levels using topical, injections, or implants under the skin. Most men experience little to no side effects while gaining a general feeling of well being and contentment throughout the course of treatment.

If you are experiencing low energy or loss of libido, contact Vero Urology Center to schedule a consultation.